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Vitamins and other dietary supplements are the most commonly used type of "complementary medicine" (also called alternative medicine) in the United States.  More than 50% of all Americans are currently taking some form of vitamin, mineral, or other supplement daily.  They can be a great addition to our overall health for prevention as well as treatment. 

However, not all vitamins and supplements are created equally.  At Elite Medicine and Aesthetic Institute, we offer our patients the highest quality vitamins and supplements.  All of our formulas are created and produced in Certified Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP facilities.  All of our formulas have the proper purity, potency and highest quality control standards with the highest quality ingredients.

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We offer many vitamins, minerals, and supplements including but not limited to:

- Vitamin D3 (active vitamin D) to support Bone Health

- Krill Oil for Cholesterol and Heart Health

- Probiotics for Stomach, Intestinal, and Urinary Health

- Multivitamins for overall Health of all men, women, adults, and children

- EZ-Iron that is used for replacement with minimal gastrointestinal side effects

- Iodine Plus for overall Thyroid Health

- Mood Lift and Calm Day for regulation of anxiety, depression, and moods

- Sleep Time for natural assistance with sleep

- Brain Boost for natural assistance with memory and daily functions, and prevention of memory diseases

- TESTO180 to support hormonal balance and weight balance

- Turmeric Plus to assist naturally with inflammation and other chronic inflammory disorders

- Biotin to asisst with collagen growth for hair, skin and nails

- Lysine to assist with prevention of cold sores and other herpetic outbreaks

- AirMaxx to assist with boosting the immune system to support allergy, respiratory, and nasal health

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